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Excellent deals on Allsteel Concensys Used Cubicles, buy or sell – Indianapolis IN

Do you know how easy it is to get excellent deals on used Allsteel cubicles in the Indianapolis area? All you have to do is visit the showroom of Integrity Wholesale Furniture to find amazing discounts on refurbished cubicles, desks, chairs and more. And since many of our products carry names like Steelcase and others, you can purchase from us with total confidence.

One of the best things about buying products that carry the Steelcase name is that you know you are getting durable furnishings that will last for many years. Steelcase takes pride in making high quality products that can be sued in your office setting and then recycled and repurposed once those pieces have reached the end of their usable life cycle.


The Steelcase Avenir used cubicles are great for your office if you have a lot of space and your employees need ample room to work in. These are open space cubicles so the workers who work within these used cubicles won’t feel like they are boxed in. the panels on these Steelcase work stations measure about 53 inches high so they give a level of privacy without secluding your employees from each other. The fabric is a light gray color so it will fit in with most office interiors and the wood grain laminate on the work surface is also great for not clashing with the office décor. Each of these cubicles includes a storage filing cabinet that is underneath the work surface for storage capabilities at arm’s reach. You simply can’t go wrong by having these Steelcase Avenir cubicles installed in your office.

The Steelcase Enhanced 9000 90×90 used cubicles are also great for a variety of work settings. These large work stations are available at some of the best prices in the entire region which means you can get a couple for your small business or get as many as you need for your large corporation. The panels on these used office cubicles stand 65 inches high with a second level that stands 53 inches high for added design and versatility.

When you shop at Integrity Wholesale Furniture in the greater Indianapolis area, you are getting the best. You aren’t just getting the best and highest quality products, but you are getting the best representatives in the used office furniture industry. We want to make sure your experience is a satisfying one so contact us today to see what we can do for your business.


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