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Indianapolis’ solution for used conference sets!


Regardless of whether you are looking for used cubicles, used conference sets, used seating, or even a great liquidation service in the greater Indianapolis area, Integrity Wholesale Furniture has the right solution for you.  Integrity Wholesale Furniture is proud to offer companies like your own a wide array of quality used office furniture– all at highly competitive prices.  Our main goal is to address the needs of growing and established Indianapolis, Indiana businesses like yours so you can furnish your offices with the top brands on the market without putting a massive dent in your wallet.


The feature today is targeted at a stunning complete conference table and chair set for your conference room.  This 10’ custom boat-shaped conference table is a beautiful surface for any conference or meeting room.  High-quality maple wood veneer allows you to bring the beautiful appearance of solid wood into your office setting, without the daunting tag.

Naturally, the impressions you make on clients and partners matter, and appearance has a lot to do with making the right impression.  You don’t have to go for a lower quality option when buying used is this easy. The wonderful interaction between the chairs and desk wood and leather set such as this exudes a certain professionalism that definitely affects the perception of you and your company.  Buying used is an excellent way to make the impression you need without having to pay full ticket price for similar sets.


The included ten high backed, black leather rolling chairs will make a clear statement.  Matching maple wood trim ties them in nicely with the conference table, and sleek black leather is a subtle statement that demonstrates authority and professionalism.  This conference room set has more going for it than merely looks, however.  Lightly padded full back, seat, and armrests make the chairs comfortable for those long meetings.  An additional note about how these chairs provide comfort is the slight recline build into the back.  The 5-star, wheeled base allows for a superior swivel and easy rolling movement.


If you’re currently searching for the perfect used conference chairs and table set, or any other top of the line office furniture for your company, Integrity Wholesale Furniture can provide you with the ideal solution for you at extremely low prices.  There’s no need to spend more than you need to or sacrifice comfort and appearance in your office– we can furnish your office with used conference table sets in Indianapolis such as these at a fraction of the price, so you can rest easy in your purchase with us and get back to what you do best!

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