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Selling Used Haworth Cubicles Indianapolis

All you need to do in order sell back your company’s old Haworth furniture is to simply contact Integrity Wholesale Furniture! With over two decades of experience in Indianapolis, our professionals work tirelessly to serve your needs. We take back your unwanted furniture and give you the best price possible for it. Our clients and customers then take advantage of our expertise at office furniture refurbishing and still enjoy tremendous discounts! Our prices are the best in the business for furniture buyback in your area.

We also carry a number of units from Haworth’s Unigroup line of cubicles with 42 inch panels in a 5×5 configuration. With ample workspace, the 36 inch by 24 inch corner work space and two 24 inch by 24 inch return spaces offer an eyebrow-raising amount of versatility and functionality to your employees’ work environment. The 24 inch FF pedestal and 24 inch BBF pedestal in these cubicle units offer the maximum amount of utility your workspaces can offer by making the space work for you in terms of even more storage capabilities!

Among our most popular Haworth products in our showroom and warehouse are the Premise 8×8 which offers your employees the comfortable privacy of 64 inch panels. The two corner work surfaces, which measure 48 inches by 24 inches, spaciously allow your employees to perform their day to day tasks without constriction or crowding. The open shelf, which has 48 inches of space for storage, will give you and your employees lots of room to keep everything neatly organized. Each station has three duplexes for even more storage utility as well as a task light to illuminate any task at hand.

The Haworth brand has been proving their designs to customers for over 7 decades, and their current station at the top of the office furnishing industry only stands as a testament to their innovative standards, forward thinking designs, and top quality materials which only ensure the life of the furniture.

If you are looking to buy, refurnishing your office, or you’re even looking into replacing a few broken, worn, or just plain ancient pieces, the project has never been quite as easy or affordable. Our customers also keep coming back because we only deal in the best brands in the business, such as Haworth, who strive to provide customers with innovative designs and exceptional comfort standards. Both our unparalleled service and excellent office furniture products are the reason our customers have been coming back for years and years. It’s more “green” for your wallet, and greener for the environment, so that furniture won’t end up in a landfill! Contact us today with your liquidation project goals!

If your company has recently had to consolidate its office assets, close its doors, or you’re looking for some other solution, the friendly faces at Integrity Wholesale Furniture will take the unneeded Haworth furniture off your hands for top dollar. It is our goal to make every customer as happy as possible, so please come to us first for all of your office furniture needs!

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